Mathew Odenthal

Homebuilding Company President and Chief Executive Officer


Minnesotan Mathew Odenthal has worked in construction his whole professional life. He started out as a framing contractor, a position he held until the housing crisis of 2008–2009. In Farmington, Minnesota, he built a lot of houses. As a result, no new homes are being built. To avoid being idle and bored, Mathew wanted to learn more about high-end construction.

Mathew Odenthal was once more able to pursue his passion for home building once the housing market stabilized. He learned more about luxury refurbishment once the market had steadied. He learned a lot and developed his finishing talents while working on high-end home renovations. While he enjoyed renovating old houses, he liked to start from scratch when building new ones. He was forced to restart his construction business since he had no other option.